7 Fixed

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7 Series Fixed with Black Diamond®, introduced in 2008, has been an industry success story and set the still unmatched standard that our competition strives for.



7 Fixed

Classic Fixed Frame Style

All of our screens are completely hand-built and 7 Series Fixed is no exception. We wrap our 3.5” fixed frames with a fine velvet material which ensures that the frame is as unobtrusive as possible during your viewing experience.

7 Fixed

Simple but Strong

We understand the importance of simplicity combined with strength to withstand the logistic and installation process. That’s why we have constructed our frames out of 3.5” aluminum extrusion with dual corner brackets making your screen light-weight yet extremely strong, and simple to configure on-site.

7 Fixed Drawing


Max: 120″ (3048mm) in 16:9
Max: 110″ (2794mm) in 16:10
Max: 150″ (3810mm) in 2.35:1

Available in 1-inch increments. All sizes are measured diagonally. All dimensions are listed as seamless.

Aspect Ratios



3.5″ aluminum extrusion hand wrapped in velvet

Available in curved configuration

Installation | Adjustment

Ships unassembled. Some assembly is required.

Gain ALR Acoustic Material
1.4 85 No Black Diamond 1.4
Gain ALR Acoustic Material
0.8 90 No Black Diamond .8
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