Credits: 1 CTS and 1 CTS-D

Course Description:

This course will explore the history of Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) screens, address the need for ALR materials, take a deep dive into technical specifications and showcase how ALR screens are applicable in real world scenarios.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the history of screen materials
  2. Understand the need for ALR screen materials and the problems they are solving
  3. Understand the technical aspects of ALR materials and now they perform in various environments
  4. Showcase ALR materials in real-life scenarios
How are these courses evaluated?

After the class has been conducted, a link to an online quiz will be emailed to every attendee. The quiz will contain 10 questions that will test for competency.

How are the quizzes scored?

The attendee must score at least 80% in order to receive the RU credit.

How do we award certificates?

For those that score 80% or better, an email will be sent to the attendee with a certificate of completion. A sample of the certificate can be seen below.

AVIXA Certificate Sample

Commercial Screen

Learn how to provide an experience like no other utilizing our award winning designer screens. Wow your customers with a captivating experience in environment!

Top 5 Selling Features from Screen Innovations

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Why SI, our Products and Commercial Tools

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Learn About Motor and Control Options for Motorized Screens

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Topics include:

  • Basics of Screen Materials
  • Ambient Light Rejection Materials
  • White & Gray Materials
  • Acoustically Transparent Materials
  • Rear Projection Screens
  • Black Diamond & Short Throw Snap Attachment System
  • Screen Material Wizard

  1. Click here to get started
  2. Log-in
  3. Click on “Training”
  4. Select the “Screen” tab
  5. Click on “Screen Material Training Modules”

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Commercial Shade

Don’t miss our FREE online trainings on the best wired and wireless technology made available with the fastest installing shades in the industry. All wrapped up in our system which guarantees our shades perform or your money back.

Shades: The Best Wireless & Wired Technology and Fastest Install Ever Made (60 minutes)

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Shades: Fabrics, Measuring, Deployment, & Becoming the Expert (60 minutes)

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Janus: Control 8 Large Shades with Any Wiring, Infinite Expandability, and the Smallest Form Factor Ever Built (60 minutes)

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Topics include:

  • Addressing the Stagnation of the Industry
  • Nano and Attention to Detail
  • Innovations with Technology
  • Basics of Zen
  • Fabrics 101
  • Introduction to Zigbee 3.0
  • Deploying Zigbee 3.0
  • Deploying 485
  • Deploying RTS
  • Measuring
  • FLOW: Specifying Shades, Dashboard Access, & Account Settings

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  4. Select the “Shade” tab
  5. Click on “Become an SI Shades Pro”

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