The Best Connection is Wired

TRO.Y, the Expandable IP Gateway

With sixteen bus power units per port (x4), this gateway provides remote access for painless servicing, commissioning, and motor limit setting.

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Moab, the “Mother of All Boards”

This control board allows for ultra-fast limit setting, easy motor configuration changes, and automatically discovers and pairs RS485 devices with no PC/external hardware required.

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Zigbee Low-Voltage

No recharging ever  |  Best for narrow windows  |  Ultra-quiet

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Power & Control
Over 2 Conductors

Convert any 2 conductor cable into fully functioning Category (Cat5, Cat6) cable with the magic of Fontus.

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32 Shades in 2 RU

Introducing Janus, power and control for 8 shades with any wire type, in only one half-rack. Pair multiple Janus units together to comfortably support 32 shades in a standard structured wiring box.

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SI Design Services

We are not a traditional manufacturer and dealer, we are partners. Why? We are customers too, and we know the importance of doing the job once and doing the job right.

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